A change in the weather

When we lived in San Francisco, we befriended several people from Wisconsin and Minnesota who had moved to the Bay Area. At one point or another, each of these friends would opine about missing the seasons, the snow, the fall, the spring.

Granted, California has seasons—it just depends where you are in the state to experience them. June in San Francisco is like winter in Seattle. October in Fog City is like late summer in the Midwest. And San Diego is just pure bliss, nearly every day of the year. A yearlong season of bliss.

After living in the Midwest for six years, I am beginning to understand why someone who grew up with seasons would miss them. The bursts of color in the fall and spring; the snow and crispness of winter that promises sledding and snowball fights. And then there are the long, hot, humid days of summer that seem unbearable but come mid-winter it’s the only thing I long for. It’s nice to have the change, though each season has become less predictable each year we’ve lived here.

Still, I am a Californian at heart and in my bones. Growing up in San Diego must have programmed my body chemistry to reject temperatures below 68 degrees and above 74 degrees. It’s a small window, and it gives me lots of grief. I am still apt to complain when the mercury rises or falls below my minimal comfort zone.

But I do surprise myself from time to time. It was 50 degrees out today and sunny. I wore only two layers instead of three or four, as I would have a few years ago. I even went sockless while running an errand. I might be getting tougher after all.

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  1. UNK

     /  November 18, 2012

    Dear Shosh, nice to hear from you again and let me feel vicariously your weather. I also learned to appreciate the season while living in Long Island for 15 yrs, especially being a runner during the those changing environments.

    The family just had a wonderful Calif. day in Clayton w/ great food and thanks, while your brood was palpably missed.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I feel the same way about Maine. Except I don’t miss the ice and snow. Please send your email address. I have an important writing idea for you. Thanks!

  3. Born, raised in Ontario and lived there for 40 yrs. Then Vancouver, BC and now Alberta which is Canada’s Midwest. Just the other day, I found myself sweating when walking in an indoor elevated walkway. Outside was around 28 degrees F.

    I think I’m becoming acclimatized a tiny bit to the cold..after 2 yrs. here. But it does plunge down to -31 degrees F. No wonder some people here go Nrth to work in the oil tar sands/oil fields. And they do it in the winter, 1,000 km. north of us!

    • Wow, that is a whole different level of cold! What sort of things do you do to stay warm? The good to remember, I suppose, is that spring will always come. It has never stayed winter forever!


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