Green Friday

The chaos of Black Friday. Source:

Yesterday, someone I follow on Twitter sent out a tweet saying: “Don’t give Black Friday your Black Dollars!” It resonated with me because I’ve always witnessed Christmas, as an outsider non-Christian, as a time when Americans go a little bit crazy about buying stuff.

Now as it seems people are waking up from a 30-plus-year sleep believing that unregulated capitalism can keep us safe and happy, it is a perfect opportunity to take action and change the status quo.

Maybe instead of shopping on Black Friday and giving our hard-earned cash to the multinational corporations and institutions that are appealing to our American instinct to buy more stuff, we can savor the meaning of the prior day’s Thanksgiving and really feel thanks and blessings for all the richness we have in our lives.

By staying in and not giving in to the marketing machine and mobs and mayhem of Black Friday, we will also be giving Mother Nature a break. So this year, I’m calling the day after Thanksgiving “Green Friday.”

If we protest shopping and stay in to spend time with family and friends or just spend time reading a book, walking in the woods or around the neighborhood, if we protest spending any money unless absolutely necessary, we will be burning less fuel, sitting in fewer traffic jams, using less electricity and reducing our stress.

Green Friday will be a way for me to sit back, continue to digest the copious amount of food ingested the night before, relax, visit with friends, enjoy my family and — if the weather’s good enough– take a walk outside in the fresh air away from crowds, away from big box stores, and away from the consumeristic ideal that has swallowed the holiday of Christmas.

Will you join me?

P.S. Naomi Klein recently wrote about how those who deny climate change’s existence or, rather, humans’ contribution to climate change, believe that anti-capitalists have drummed up the science to promote socialism and squash American freedom. Read on here.

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  1. I’ll be in NYC with my kids, but definitely want to stay away from shopping madness. Probably won’t even hit museums. So, yeah, sounds like a fine idea to me!


  2. Green Friday is a fantastic idea. I am not much of a consumer so it is actually not a difficult ask in our household to ignore a crowded shopping day! c

  3. ankaboot

     /  November 11, 2011

    The predatory mercantile classes already know they’ve gone over the cliff, the Christmas season will see liquidation prices at whatever retail stores are still operating. But Christmas dinner will be macaroni and cheese for a lot of people not expecting that. You can’t prop up a falling house of cards no matter how many aces you have up your sleeve.

    Maybe this Christmas will focus people more on Jesus’ ministry (i.e., Israel’s ministry) than on an artificially-induced festive spirit. I know the folks around here, in fly-over country, will prefer a bag of groceries to a new DVD player. We might even see some real Christianity instead of that Talmudic pie-in-the-sky nonsense.


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