The New Normal

Life in Ohio is returning normal, though what is normal is still being defined.

The kids are in school, I am not working at an 8-5 job, my husband is on the crazy roller coaster that is residency, and I am figuring out what this new normal is for me.

Having time to think, to write, to be good to myself: this has not been normal, but I like it.

Networking online and offline, meeting people, having flexibility and time to enjoy those around me.

Volunteering at my boys’ school and looking for more opportunities in the community.

Holding up the fort at home and feeling happy to do it.

These are the things that are making me happy. After what happened to me on 9/11 in Detroit, I am also paying more attention to others who are being targeted and experiencing humiliating detainments or removals from flights in San Diego, in Indianapolis in New York and elsewhere around the country.

I’m paying attention to Occupy Wall Street and participating where I can. This movement is gaining wings because it is resonating with those of us who are tired of the status quo, of feeling like we don’t matter in Washington, in statehouses and in corporate boardrooms.

I’m continuing to work with the ACLU in Detroit, and progress is being made there but I have nothing new to report as of yet.

As for settling in to our new life in Ohio, I’d say it’s a work in progress.

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  1. Thanks for your first person piece, which we posted on the front page of I empathize with you. You may empathize with my blog post today

    Best wishes for a new-ish new year!


  2. Yay for settling in to a new normal. We’re still adjusting ourselves to the new city and having a “regular” job (though it seems suspiciously like residency, just with a bigger paycheck…). It sounds like you’re putting your free time to good use. Keep it up. 🙂

    Also, I like the new look.

    • Rivki,
      Tell me again what area of medicine your husband practices and where he did his residency? I know you’ve told me but my brain is a sieve right now!

      • Brain as a sieve – that is also my reality right now! My husband is a hospitalist (internal medicine) and did residency in Cleveland. 🙂

  3. My oldest son has a rare and expensive to treat (but, thankfully, treatable) medical condition. After his diagnosis and ALL of us adjusted to his nightly shots, I called it “our personal normal”. That has continued to shift and change as our family has grown. I wish you best in your journey into “normalcy” after what you had endured on 9/11.


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