Looking for Inspiration

When I was in 10th grade, my English teacher had the class do a simple exercise: a train-of-thought stream of consciousness consisting of phrases and words that is supposed to allow your brain the freedom to explore the many thoughts and connections running through your mind at a given time. There are no rules, only that you cannot stop writing for a set period of time.

What comes out of this exercise is meant to be the inspiration for something greater.

Since I have clogged my productive and creative parts of my being with this 8-5 job I’ve been holding down, I’ve been struggling for inspiration to continue this blog and other projects I’ve had in the works or nearly finished, so I think I will try that exercise right now, and I will not apologize for anything that happens to come up.

Wait. This isn’t working. I can’t even think of a first word to write.

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. There are some good sites around the web for writing prompts. I know of a poetry one called Read Write Poem, but I’m sure there’s other non-poetry ones too. Something like that might help. 🙂


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