June Gloom

It happened to be a glorious day in Iowa. Not just for me. I heard the word “glorious” spoken several times out of several mouths. It was a “glorious” day.june-gloom-explained

And a rare one. While some of my cohorts in San Francisco are suffering from June Gloom, I had a remarkably fanastic day in Iowa. I even went so far as to encourage fellow Californians (yes, I still consider myself a Californian) to move here to escape the destruction a certain political Hummer (read: Arnold) is having on the Golden State. Closing parks and beaches? What sort of message is that supposed to send? Aren’t we all doing our part.

Well, not me, obviously. I’m in Iowa. But isn’t it the political obstacle course set up in Sacramento’s gilded halls that has caused this meltdown? Read about proposed park and beach closings here.

It’s interesting to write about California’s problems from abroad. Having lived there all my life, save for the last three years, I feel somewhat distanced from the place. I feel I can view it a bit more objectively. But I want it to land on its feet. It has so much to offer. On the other hand, the fickle California voters have shot themselves in the foot. By voting in stodgy Arnold the Governator and then re-electing him, they did themselves in. I proudly say I did not vote for him–even fought against his election and re-election. But, California is a complicated place with complicated people and complicated problems. It’s not all Arnold’s fault. But at least he’s not planning on running for president.

So I am sorry for the gloomy June in California, not so much for the fog rolling in from the Pacific or the thick marine layer hovering over beach towns, but because the state has managed to dig itself into a canyon. And, any life lines that are extended end up frayed and broken.

Remember: in a democracy, your government is what you make it. There are lessons to be learned from our mistakes.

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